Hard Candy Look Pro! Strobing Mix-In Drops Review

I literally kept this product in my collection for three months just to do a review on it. Alright,  let me give you guys some information on it then we’ll go on to how I feel about it. This product was Hard Candy’s launch for Spring collection of 2016 you get .55 oz or 16.2 ml for $8.00. I found mine at Walmart but you can get it on online as well.

Claims: Hard Candy Look Pro! Illuminate & Strobing Mix-in Drops instantly give your skin a universal radiant, dewy complexion. These drops can be used by mixing them into any of your complexion products for an all over radiance.




The bottle is glass and I think it’s meant to look like a diamond? You get a little dropper as part of the packaging (it’s not the greatest). It claims that you can use it alone or mix in to your foundation, I’ve tried it both ways and I also tried to use it as a primer. Despite how pretty the product look in the bottle it didn’t work out…The consistency is watery even after you shake it up it’s still watery and that’s not what you want on top of your foundation.The first time I used it as a highlighter alone, it drips down my face…So I thought maybe if I pick up the product with my brush and then blend it out on the cheek it’ll work better, it basically blended out to nothing my face was not strobed.





As you can see it just leaves a weird white cast when blended out and when you go and try to defuse it, it blends out to nothing. Second time I used it as a primer…it broke me out I don’t know why or how but I was breaking out so bad, we won’t go into details about that. Lastly, because I was too stubborn and wanted this to work so bad I mixed it in with my foundation. Surprisingly, the product gave me a natural dewy look HALLELUJAH! It looked very natural just a little glow but it works.




Overall: I’m not a huge fan of this product if you are purchasing this thinking it’ll give you a “strobe” look this product will disappoint. It’s nice to mix in with your foundation but it doesn’t make a huge difference. Take it for what it is you decide if this product is right for you.




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