Maybelline Master Blush Color & Highlight Palette Review/Swatches

Maybelline Master Blush palette is the newest family member of the Facestudio line.This travel friendly palette comes in a sleek black plastic packaging and you get.47 oz or 13.5 grams. Right now this palette only comes in one shade. It cost between $9.99 to $12.99; because it is drugstore use coupons wait for a sale YOU DO NOT NEED TO PAY FULL PRICE! I picked mine up at Walmart but you can also find it at Ulta!

Claims: Bold cheek palette with three vibrant blushes and one universally flattering highlighter.Weightless, gel-based formula that blends easily.Features ultra-saturated pigments that deliver high payoff.




So inside the palette contains three blushes and one highlighter. I will say it again it is absolutely perfect to travel with. You have your peachy blush, a cool tone pink, a warm berry shade and lastly a nudie highlight. I will say this palette suits lighter to medium skin tones hopefully they’ll come out with another shade.



Heavy Swatches


For me I don’t like heavy pigmented blushes I feel like those blushes are quite hard to work with therefore, the blushes in this palette are really nice in my opinion. They’re not the softest blushes I’ve ever tried but they definitely do a great job and you can easily mix the shades together. This palette would be a great addition to a beginner’s makeup bag. The blushes feels creamy to the touch and blends nicely on the cheeks.One of the shades is a little patchy and that is the cool tone pink, it’s tougher to work with compared to the other two.




Out of everything in the palette I was most disappointed with the highlighter. For a highlight it does not GLOW enough, honey!  Instead it is a chunky, powdery mess! It crumbles when i applied it to my face leaving a weird glittery look but it’s not glowy it just looks like it’s not suppose to be there. Definitely a flop in the palette but everything else is nice.




Overall: In my opinion if you travel a lot, like blushes or a beginner in makeup this is a great palette to own. It’s drugstore so it won’t break the bank and you get to try out different blush shades. Are the shades anything unique? No. These are more everyday (wear to work or school) shades. Very versatile!

Let me know if you picked this palette up already and what did you think of it.

XO, Tina




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