TonyMoly Panda’s Dream White Sleeping Pack

First off, the packaging is so adorable for this product.To be completely honest I purchased it because of the panda. Who doesn’t want to see a panda every time they apply moisturizer? TonyMoly has a range of products for the Panda Dream line it just so happened that I picked up the Dream White Sleeping Pack. This product will set you back $10-18 depending on where you find it. You can find it at any Korean beauty stores or on MemeBox

Claims: This lightweight yet hydrating formula easily absorbs to infuse your skin with Lavender, Rosemary, Bamboo Shoot Extract, and Berry Extracts to brighten dark spots and help even out your skin tone.





The head twists off leaving a cover to protect your product. It has a gel-like formula which is lightweight if you use moderately. I only use it at night since it’s too heavy for day time hint the name “sleeping pack.” For those of you having issues with dark spots this product will be a life saver it will lighten the spots and eventually evens out your skin tones.





As you can see, it is clear when applies, since it is a gel formula it absorbs quickly. There is a floral-y fragrance to it which I do mind a bit because it does not go away after applied. However, the product is so effective that I just learn to deal with the scent. It improved my skin textures making it smoother and softer over the course of 4 months but just a heads up I don’t use this moisturizer every single night.I’m afraid my skin will become oily if I do. This is a great for does of you with really dry skin, oily people stay away from this!





Overall, this is a great moisturizer for those of you with dry skin, combo skin can try to use it but I’m not guaranteed the result will be as good. Besides hydrating the skin it also helps lightening your dark spots if you have any.

Let me know if you have tried it and your thoughts on it.




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