Welcome to Pretty Beauty Corner! This blog will includes but not limited to makeup/skincare reviews, new product releases and makeup deals/sales. I will try to have a new post up every Saturdays and Sundays (no promises). This blog will be an experiment and something fun for me to do outside of school and work so that is why I don’t think I will have a regular posting dates but I will TRY! Keep in mind this is my first ever blog,I have never done this before so if the contents are not what you are looking for please give me some feedback or advice on what you think will work. BE NICE!

I will review drugstore products a lot more often than high end just because I want everybody to have an opportunity to try out something I think is good. Also, I do live kinda close to a Korean beauty shop so I might throw a little foreign makeup brands in my reviews! Hmm, I feel like I’m missing some information but I don’t know what it is.Oh well it’ll come to me later. Thank you for reading I hope you have a wonderful night or day whenever you are reading this. Bye honey!



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